Faculty – Permanent :-

  1. Anjali Srivastava – Head, Reader – M.Sc. B.Ed.
  2. Dr. Dipali Raha – Reader - M.Sc., Ph.d., Guest Faculty
  3. Dr. S. R. Paul – M.Sc. , Ph.d.
  4. Dr. Saraswati sarkar – M.Sc. Ph.d., Demonstratots
  5. Mrs. Anita Sukla – M.Sc., Intermediate Staff
  6. Mrs. Bijan bala Balmuchu (Retired) – M.Sc./B.Ed.
  7. Mrs. Sujata Dutta pandey – M.Sc./B.Ed.

Supporting Staff – Permanent :-

  1. Mrs. Kavevi banerjii
  2. Mr. Sakchichand Rajak, Contractual
  3. Mrs. Lascmi Jagdulla

About Department:

The department includes two laboratories, one research room, one museum cum class room.
The department conducts UG (Hons. & Subsidiary) class & PG (Specialization in Fish & Fisheries).
The Departmment is enriched with two computers, Internet & Wi-Fi connection, LCD Projector, microphones and many essential instruments (including must modem appliances) like ELISA Machine, Microprojectot, OHPS, Bicolor – Tricolor & quadricolor photo – Microscpoes, digital camera etc.

Department Activities from 2009 onwards

(Autonomy granted to the college)

March – “Board of studies” meeting chair person – Anjali Srivastava (Head of Dept.)
April – Departmental seminars, quiz contests and parent teacher meetings of all UG& PG semester students.
June – Science exhibition in Department.
Novermber – Short trips to local areas like Bhatia park and Zoological Park, Jamshedpur.
February – Pre-national seminar “Poster-Competition on Biodiversity & it’s Conservation”.
March – National seminar on “Biodiversity and it’s conservation” (Sponsored by UGC). Organising Secretary – Anjali Srivastava
September-October :
a. Minor Research Project on “Rain water harvesting” (Sponsored by UGC) – By Anjali Srivastava
b. Publication of research Magazine (Dept. of Zoology “The Zoon” – Chief Editor – Dr. Chetan Sinha(Now retired)) Co-editors – Dr. D. Roha, Anjali Srivastava
c. 9. Regional Workshop on “Microtechniques for Tissue Presentation” – Organised by Dr. Chitra Sinha (Now Retired) Regular and frequent departmental seminars, P-T meetings of all UG and PG all semester students, Personal counseling, Quiz contests, Felicitation of outgoing students UG & PG held
February – Ph.D. Registration – Anjali Srivastava. Guide – Dr. Ravindra Singh. PG Head, Dept. of Zoology, Kolhan University, Chaibasa.
March – Science day areas celebrated, marketed, with skits, plays, presentations based on science inventions & discoveries – guided by Anjali Srivastava and supported by online department.
April – “Earth Day” was celebrated by all UG & PG students by organizing “science exhibition” under guidance of Anjali Srivastava & supported by entire Dept.
Normal regular activities like P-T Meetings, Personal Counselling, felicitations etc. held frequently.
March – A Zoological laws to Ghatshila was organised by Dr. D.Raha for UG final & PG all students.
September – A departmental seminar with OHP & power-point presentations was organized by final semester UG students – guided by Mrs. Sujata Dutta.
November – Departmental Quiz Contests were orgainised by Hons. (UG) & PG students.
March – A Departmental tour was taken to Digha headed by Mrs. Anita Shukla, Dr. S. R. Paul, Mrs. Sujata Dutta & Departmental supporting staff-Organised by Anjali Srivastava.
April – “Sci - Rostmm” – A Zoological fest was organized by P.G. final semester students under guidance of Anjali Srivastava, where all UG (new) & P.G. Students of department have participated.
June - “Board of Studies” Meeting for the review of syllabus for UG & PG held chaired by Anjali Srivastava.
July – M.Sc. final semester students presented their Projects in form of Power Point Presentation with help of LCD Projector.
Regular activities like P-T Training, counseling, departmental seminars & quiz contests etc. held frequently.
March – Science Exhibition was organized by P.G. students on occasion of “Science Day” under guidance of Anjali Srivastava.
April – Felicitation of outgoing U.G. final semester & P.G. final semester students.

Future Vision of the Department :-

  1. To ensure all round development of our students through modern & innovative teaching
  2. To enrich departmental library.
  3. To start new specializations at P.G. level.
  4. Above all, to make our students good citizen & good family member in all respects of their lives.