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  • - Jamshedpur Women’s College was the first to set up a Placement Cell among the various Undergraduate/Post- graduate colleges in Jamshedpur
  • - The cell was initially called Career Counseling and Placement cell and was established in the year 2003. Initially, for the first few years, till the end of 2006, the main function of the cell was to provide career counseling to the students.
  • - Later, Placement became the main thrust of the cell. From then, the Cell has been actively arranging Campus Recruitments by various companies like WIPRO, IBM, INFOSYS, TCS, GENPACT, 3G etc. and banks like ICICI, HSBC, ABN Amro etc.
  • - Students of other colleges, both within the city and outside, and even from places like Ghatsila, Chakradharpur, Chandil, Jadugoda, Chaibasa etc. come to Jamshedpur Women’s College to face interviews.
  • - The selection procedures adopted by most of the companies are written tests, group discussions and personal interviews. BPO companies conduct voice test also through telephonic interviews.
  • - Hundreds of candidates were selected by various companies. They are working for these companies at various places like Kolkata, Noida, Jaipur, Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mysore etc. The achievements of the Cell in the past few years are cited here.

YEAR 2006

  • 18.09.2006-Three professionals from WIPRO visited the college to enlighten students of all streams on the company and the desirable qualities they seek in candidates who join multinationals like them.
  • 22.11.2006-A presentation was made by an official of D. P. Enterprises regarding skills required for recruitment in call centers.
  • 27.11.2006-A preliminary interview for jobs was done by GENPACT after a presentation about the company.
  • 11.12.2006-Final interview was conducted for the short-listed candidates. Finally, 22 candidates were selected.
  • 29.11.2006-A meeting was held with officials from GENPACT regarding starting training in English for the students.
  • 08.12.2006-An internal meeting was held of the members of the Placement Cell with the Principal to discuss distribution of duties.

YEAR  2007

  • 14.02.2007-INFOSYS, the Software giant, conducted campus placement in our college. Of the 486 candidates, 350 were from JWC. Selection process involved a written test, GD and PI, 125 students were selected, of whom 64 were from JWC. Salary offered was Rs. 10,100/- to Rs. 11,000/- per month.
  • 24.02.2007-IBM Daksh conducted Placement Drive at JWC. 800 candidates appeared for the selection process. 25 were selected, of whom 13 were from JWC.
  • 13.03.2007- WIPRO BPO came to the college to screen students of final year/passed out students. 188 candidates participated in the selection rounds consisting of Passage Reading, PI and HR, Written Test and Telephonic Interview
  • 14.03.2007-The procedure continued. Of the 25 candidates who cleared all the rounds, 12 were from JWC. Salary offered was Rs. 7,500/- to 12,500/- per month.
  • 29.03.2007-Campus Placement Drive was done by HSBC. A total of 139 candidates took part. After 5 rounds of selection, I.e. written test, voice test, personality development test, group discussion and final personal interview, 18 candidates were selected.10 of them were from JWC
  • 08.09.2007-TCS conducted placement in the college campus. Only pure science students were eligible with a minimum of 60% marks in Class X, Class XII and the average of Part I and Part II. Of the 60 candidates who took part, 18 were selected and all were from JWC.
  • 13.09.2007-INFOSYS BPO visited the college to select a Campus Ambassador for the company. The selection process comprised GD and PI. 45 students took part. Finally, Miss. Rati Karmakar of Mathematics (Hons.) was chosen
  • 30.11.2007-Campus drive was done by WIPRO BPO, in which a total of 342 candidates took part. Offer letters were given after 3 rounds, viz. Passage Reading, Voice Assessment and HR Interview. Pay package was Rs. 1.5 to 1.6 lakhs per annum and the designation was ‘Associate’. Of the 42 students selected finally, 36 were from JWC.
  • 10.12.2007-Placement was done by IBM. 312 candidates participated in the 4 rounds of selection process. Of the 60 candidates who were given offer letters in the end, 50 were from JWC. Vacancies were at Gurgaon and salary offered was Rs. 12 to 14,000/- p.m.

YEAR 2008

  • 09.01.2008-Infosys BPO visited Jamshedpur Women’s College for placements. 413 students participated in the program. 28 got selected out of whom 18 were from JWC.
  • 02.02.2008-3G(3Global services Pvt. Ltd.) visited our college. 81 students participated in the selection process. One student got selected and the salary offered was Rs.1.9lakhs to 2.1lakhs.
  • 09.02.2008- Wipro IT visited Jamshedpur Women’s College for placement. Pure science students were eligible with 60% marks through out. 76 participated and 11 got selected.
  • 29.02.2008-Campus was organized for EXL services. Jobs were to be at Noida,Gurgaon or Pune.12 students got selected. All were from JWC.
  • 06.08.2008-Selection of Campus ambassador for INFOSYS was done. For this process, only Part III Students were eligible. They could be of any stream.12 students were short listed. Finally Miss Anindita Sen, a student of Environment & Water Management, was declared as Campus Ambassador for INFOSYS BPO.
  • 29.08.08-A team of officials came from WIPRO BPO, for  campus selection. A total of 192 students from various colleges took part in the selection process, out of whom 125 were from Jamshedpur Women’s College.21 were selected. Salary offered was Rs. 1.50, 000/- per annum. The candidates could also pursue higher studies along with the job.
  • 17.11.08-Preliminary selection of Brand Ambassador (referred to as Evangelist) for WIPRO BPO was conducted.3 students were shortlisted. Finally one was selected.
  • 18.11.08-Campus Recruitment for WIPRO BPO was conducted in the college in which 105 students from various colleges took part. Of these, 30 students from Jamshedpur Women’s College cleared the preliminary round and finally, 11 candidates were selected. Salary offered was  Rs.1,50,000/-.
  • 28.11.08-Campus Recruitment by ABN AMRO, an International Bank, was done for Gurgaon for the post of Jr. Officers. Officials from RBS (The Royal Bank of Scotland, with which ABN AMRO had merged recently) visited the college for conducting the test and the interview.
  • There were 109 participants, all graduates, from different colleges. The selection process consisted of an online test of 45 minutes duration. Those who cleared the test had to give a personal interview.12 candidates were selected.
  • 04.12.08-Campus recruitment by IBM Daksh. 101 students from various colleges took part in the process.11 were finally selected -3 for Delhi and 8 for Kolkata. All the successful candidates were from Jamshedpur Women’s College.
  • 05.12.08-Officials from ICICI Bank came to the college for Campus recruitment. A total of 222 students from different colleges had registered for the selection process. Finally, 17 students were selected. 11 of them were from JWC

YEAR 2009

  • 30.01.2009-77 students from various colleges in and around Jamshedpur took part in the selection process by WIPRO BPO. 51 of these students were from JWC. Of the 16 candidates selected,11 were from JWC.
  • 11.02.2009-170 candidates from different colleges attended Campus recruitment by HSBC. Of these, 72 were from Jamshedpur Women’s College.  Of the 8 selected finally, 6 students were from JWC.
  • 23.03.2009-TRAINEDGE CONSULTING, a business partner of IBM Daksh visited the college for Campus Selection. Only B.Sc. Maths students were eligible. 2 candidates were selected finally, both from JWC.
  • 24.11.2009-WIPRO BPO conducted a Placement Drive in the college. 181 candidates were registered, of whom 76 were from Jamshedpur Women’s College. On 25.11.2009, the selection process continued with a second batch of 90 students, 83 of them from JWC. Finally, 13 students were selected and all were from JWC.
  • 16.12.2009-ANAND RATHI, a Financial Firm, visited the college for conducting campus placement. Of the 98 candidates who participated, 94 were from JWC. 24 students were finally selected. Of these, 23 were from JWC.
  • 18.12.2009-was a significant day for the college. On this day, an MoU was signed by the college with WIPRO BPO for a 4 month Skill Development Program to be launched shortly. The trainers will be from WIPRO BPO while the venue will be Jamshedpur Women’s College.


YEAR 2010

  • 18.01.2010-68 candidates registered for WASE (WIPRO Academy of Voice Excellence).A special employability enhancement training program. Designed for 360 hours. 50 candidates attended the process.12 candidates were selected.
  • 09.02.2010-Campus recruitment was done by IBM Daksh. The selection consisted of Interview and aptitude test. There were vacancies in the Technical, Semi-technical and Non-technical areas. 148 candidates had registered. 24  candidates were selected. 23 of them were from JWC.
  • 18.02.2010-WIPRO BPO visited the college to select students for WASE. 58 applicants were registered. 7 of them were finally selected for the program.
  • 07.05.2010-GENPACT selected 12 candidates out of 51 candidates who had taken part in the selection process. The selected candidates were to join their unit in Gurgaon. All the 12 selected candidates belonged to Jamshedpur Women’s College.
  • 12.05.2010-Interview was done for the skill development program WASE of WIPRO BPO. Of the 30 candidates who participated, 3 were selected, all from Jamshedpur Women’s College.
  • 03.08.2010-25 passed out students of various streams participated in the selection process conducted by IIFCA. After GD and interview, one candidate was selected for the post of Career Development Officer.
  • 25.08.2010-Campus recruitment by WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES. The selected candidates will get MS degree from BITS Pilani while working with WIPROTECH. A total of 72 students from various colleges in and around Jamshedpur came to the college. The final selection will be done later.
  • 21.09.2010-Officials from IBM Daksh visited Jamshedpur Women’s College for campus recruitment. Students of final year of any stream were eligible to participate in this drive. A total of 88 candidates attended the drive. 21 got selected, all of them were from JWC.
  • 27.9.2010-HCL Technologies, Noida visited the college for campus recruitment. 156 students from various colleges attended the drive. After four rounds of selection process, 18 candidates were selected. All were from Jamshedpur Women’s College
  • 26.11.2010-WIPRO BPO visited the college. 369 students registered for the process. The drive continued on 27.11.2010 for the second and third rounds of interviews. Finally 10 candidates were selected as “Associates”. Package was between Rs. 1.25 to 1.75 lakhs per annum.

A significant step taken by the Placement cell. Campus recruitments exclusively for the MBA students of the college began.

  • 21.07.2010- Hi-Tech Controls conducted campus placement. 44 candidates took part in the selection process. After GD in 4 groups, 8 students were shortlisted. They went through PI, and finally 3 candidates were selected.
  • 27.07.2010-Bajaj Capital visited Jamshedpur Women’s College for campus placement.25 students attended the selection process. Students of only Marketing/Finance were eligible.11 were selected after the interview. 
  • 30.07.2010-IIFCA visited the college to select MBA students for the post of Team Leader with specializations in – HR, Finance and Marketing. 18 students competed for the 4 vacancies. 9 candidates were successful in the GD. Finally, 4 candidates were chosen as Team Leaders.
  • 19.08.2010- XPLOR SOFT visited the college for recruitment. 62 students attended the selection process. GD and Aptitude test was cleared by 21 students. After the interview 5 students were selected.

YEAR 2011

  • 16.02.2011- INFOSYS BPO visited the college for campus recruitment. 149 candidates appeared for the selection process. 38 got selected. Of these, 25 were from JWC. The Package offered was 1.8 lakhs . Designation - Process Executive.
  • 24.02.2011-Aegis Ltd visited JWC. 106 students registered for the interview. 48 students got selected. Many students opted for part time i.e. they have to work for four hours a day.
  • 15.03.2011-Tata Business Support Services (TBSS) visited Jamshedpur Women’s College for Campus Placement. The total number of registered candidate was 77. 19 student got selected as Customer Care Executives and 2 as Tata Associates.
  • 16.03.2011-Wipro Technologies visited Jamshedpur Women’s College for The WASE Program campus drive. 49 students took part in the selection process which consisted of written test and 2 rounds of interview. Finally, 7 students got selected. All of them were from JWC.
  • 02.05.2011- HCl Technologies, Noida will be visiting Jamshedpur Women’s College for placement drive.
  • On 6.05.2011 2A Associates a brokerage company from Jamshedpur visited Jamshedpur women’s college 57 students participated and 10 got selected.
  • On 18.05.2011 Call Incorporated a consultancy hiring for four companies visited Jamshedpur Women’s College. A total of 25 students participated in the selection process. One student got selected who was put on hold.
  • On 22.07.2011 TCS visited Jamshedpur Women’s College for their Off campus drive. The selection process includes online exams in which 2 candidates got selected . These candidates futher went for 2nd round which was personel interview. A total of 53 students participated in this drive from different colleges.
  • On 23.08.2011 CTC India a manufacturing unit based in Ghamaria visited Jamshedpur Women’s College. Only MBA/Mcom from HR and Marketing were eligible. Total 28 students participated in which 3 got selected.
  • On 06.9.2011 Vario India visited Jamshedpur Women’s College. Of the 30 candidates, 15 were shortlisted.
  • On 07.09.2011 campus held at JWC on 7.9.11, students of B.Sc., M.A. and M.Sc. took part. In the B.Sc. class, students of all parts  took part. Preliminary selection consisted of Personal interview. 15 students were selected, for Vodaphone/Airtel as these two are the clients of Aegis.
  • On 26.09.2011 Sony electronics visited Jamshedpur Women’s College for their live project of 35 days. Only BBA students were eligible. The placement was in Jamshedpur. A total of 20 students participated from which 9 students got selected.
  • On 14.11.2011 Wipro Bpo visited Jamshedpur Women’s college. 87 students participated in the program. The selection process involve 4 rounds. 1st round was basic screening were the students were asked to introduce thenself and pronounce few words from the list of words given to them. 2nd was telephonic round in which the candidates were given a topics to speak. 10 students got selected.
  • On 28.11.2011 Freedom Infotech, a staffing consultancy recruiting for Excel  motors, Moonka motors visited Jamshedpur Women’s College. 20 students participated in the program. 12 candidates were selected. The selected candidates will be joining as Accountants or Receptionists.
  • On 9.12.2011 Asian Vision an NGO visited JWC for Campus selection. A total of 14 students participated out of which 4 students got selected. Salary offered was 14K + incentives

YEAR 2012

  • On 12.01.2012 IBM visited Jamshedpur Women's College on 12.1.2012 to conduct a Walk-in-Interview. 3 officers from Kolkata came for the interview. A total of 105 students participated in the selection process. After all the rounds, 14 candidates were selected. Designation- Executive.Salary - 11,000 to 14,000 per month. After 6 months, increment of 1,500 rs. These are based on performance. 
  • On 13.01.2012 Four officials from Brahmananda Narayana Hrudayalaya visited Jamshedpur Women's College. After the briefing, the candidates were divided into groups of 6 for G.D. Different topics were given to each group. Those who cleared the GD were shortlisted for the preliminary interview. 40 students, all from Jamshedpur Women's College were registered for the campus recruitment. After GD, 13 girls were shortlisted.
  • On 25.01.2012 Aegis Pvt. Ltd. visited Jamshedpur Women's College for campus placement on 25.1.2012. 63 students had registered for thr selection process. Of these, 58 were from the host college while 3 candidates were from Co-operative college, 1 from Karim City College and 1 from IGNOU. 18 candidates were selected. Of these, 17 were from JWC and 1 from KCC. All the 17 students of JWC opted for part time job while the 1 candidate from KCC opted for full time job. Salary - Rs. 3050 for Part time and Rs. 5200 for full time.
  • On 16.02.2012 HCL will visit JWC.
  • On 22.02.2012 Wipro Technologies will visit JWC.


There are more milestones which we need to cross. Our efforts are on and we wish to provide all our students a suitable career.